It’s 11am and your guest just checked out of your property, your upcoming guest arrives by 3pm and your property needs to be just perfect. In the best case scenario, you have 4hrs to do a complete turnover cleaning of every space of your property. Seems like a piece of cake, right?

Well, after cleaning hundreds of Airbnb properties in Austin (ATX), it’s definitely not easy as it sounds and most of the time, things don’t go as expected (late checkin-ins, early check-ins, messy surprises, lost keys, stains, damages, malfunctions, and much more!). There are various factors where you will have to speed clean to fit a whole turnover in 2hrs (or less!).

But, don’t stress…yet! We have designed the Ultimate 5-Stars Airbnb Cleaning Checklist that has placed us as the #1 Airbnb Cleaning Service in Austin (ATX).

Trust us, we’ve seen EVERYTHING and our team has overcome every situation successfully with this guide. The guests will have the opportunity to rate their experience and cleanliness too, so get ready to make it perfect with our help!

  1. The Basics of Airbnb Cleaning
  2. Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
  3. Linens, Amenities & Supplies
  4. Step by Step Airbnb Cleaning

1) The Basics of Airbnb Cleaning

Quick tips to know before getting started! This is the summary of our top do’s and don’ts.

2) Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

Did you know that you can elevate your guest experience by using detox cleaning products? There is certainly a big difference when entering a space that has been clean with 100% Natural Cleaning products infused with Essential Oils vs your regular toxic products. We have clients who prefer a certain time of cleaner or certain smell in their home, and we will work with them to help ensure we exceed all of their expectations.

Cleaning Supplies

100% Natural Cleaning Products that really work!


3) Linens, Amenities & Supplies

Go big with linens, amenities and supplies! Always be prepared for any special requests, emergencies or need of backup items/sets.


Quality bedding and towels should last around 6 months with high turnover rates. Some pieces will be discarded due to stains or wear but always keep track of them so the host can replace them fast.

Basic Amenities

Get this in bulk! Go for Eco-Friendly brands and refillable bottles (earth and budget friendly)


Same here, get your supplies in bulk. Go for Eco-Friendly options such as walnut, coconut sponges or natural bristles dish brush.

Restock Chart

It’s key to have do a quick count in every turnover because you never know if the next guest(s) will stay for a short or long time.

Some hosts only stock their properties with the basics (1 towel set per person, 1-2 toilet paper rolls per bathroom, 1 paper towel roll and 1 dish sponge in the kitchen), other Super Hosts fully stock their property with plenty of everything.

We’ve designed this Airbnb Restock Chart based on the medium term. We do recommend not going short on toilet paper, specially if there’s no store nearby to get more.

4) Step by Step Airbnb Cleaning

Hotel-Style Bedroom

This is the first area of the property that we cover since laundry is time-sensitive. Bedrooms are a priority when cleaning an Airbnb and should always be perfect!

To do

Deep Cleaning:


Fresh Bathrooms

This is another top space to your guests that needs to be sanitized in every turnover. The most challenging tasks in bathroom cleanings are: removing soap scum, sanitizing the toilet and removing any hair in every service of the bathroom. You want to start by the shower, then clean the toilet area and sink and the floors at the end (back to front).

To do:

Deep Cleaning (rotating schedule)


Sparkling Kitchen

While not every guest will cook a full dinner in the property, they’ll definitely head to the kitchen at some point to put away some basic groceries, drinks or make a cup of coffee. Stove, refrigerator, countertop appliances and cabinets should be clean and ready for your guest’s stay.

To do:

Deep Cleaning (rotating schedule)


Living Room

This area is the first space that your guest will arrive to and the perfect opportunity to create the WOW factor! Fluffy pillows, crumbs-free couch and a neat center table with your guest book will do the trick.

Beautification! After cleaning all the surfaces, tidy up and stage everything to look just as the listing photos.Tip: Organize items by categories and sizes, keep a distance between them, all labels facing to the front and all towels hanging on the same level.

To do:

Deep Cleaning (rotating schedule)


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