Standard Cleaning

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning is directed towards regular cleaning that means cleaning of things or cleaning techniques that can easily be applied on daily basis and are not difficult to do. The house is not thoroughly cleaned, however, the house looks fully cleaned to our satisfaction.

Bedroom, Living & Common Room Areas

    • Broom and mop the floors
    • Dusting of furniture
    • Cleaning mirrors with cleaning sprays
    • Stove cleaning
    • Vacuum rugs, carpets and curtains
    • Organizing bedsheets and cushions
    • Removing trash from dustbins
    • Windows are thoroughly dusted and wiped
    • Cleaning Door handles and light switches
      • Kitchen
        • Counters are washed
        • Making Door handles and light switches oil-free
        • Stoves are also cleaned and oil stains are removed
        • Dishwashing

Bathroom Cleaning

        • Mirrors surfaces are made to look shiny
        • Toilets are made odorless and cleaned
        • Bathtubs/showers are deeply cleaned