Move-in / Move out Cleaning

Move-in/ Move out Cleaning

Moving into a new house or move out of your old house, both takes a lot of time in cleaning & arranging things and besides these, there are also other things in shifting to be managed. Hence, we take responsibility for your cleaning chores and all your stress regarding this will be cleared out.

Bedroom, Living & Common Room Areas

  • Broom and mop the floors
  • Dusting of furniture
  • Cleaning mirrors with cleaning sprays
  • Stove cleaning
  • Vacuum rugs, carpets, and curtains
  • Organizing bedsheets and cushions
  • Removing trash from dustbins
  • Windows are thoroughly dusted and wiped
  • Cleaning Door handles and light switches.
      • Kitchen
        • Counters are washed
        • Making Door handles and light switches oil-free
        • Stoves are also cleaned and oil stains are removed
        • Dishwashing
        • Wipe baseboards
        • Greasy surfaces are cleaned and giving a shiny look to kitchen appliances (more attention)
        • Inside of cabinets and appliances are cleaned
        • Fridge door rubbers and inside os fridge are thoroughly washed and cleaned
        • Greasy surfaces inside of oven are cleaned

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Mirrors surfaces are made to look shiny
  • Toilets are made odorless and cleaned
  • Bathtubs/showers are deeply cleaned
  • Bathroom and showers are more deeply washed than in standard cleaning